Posted on Mon, Oct 15, 2018

FALL 2018














Gayle Boudreau has been with Styer for over 18 years.  From day one, Gayle has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer in his role as a driver for Styer.  Gayle handles all kinds of weather, road conditions, traffic and dock employees as he does routes primarily in the Twin Cities.

Gayle has been a long time member of the Knights of Columbus Council at Saint Michael’s in Farmington, including serving as Grand Knight.  His work as a Knight helps people in his parish and greater community and involves many hours of volunteering at events such as Bingo, County Fair and church events.  Gayle’s willingness to spend his time and energy to help others exemplifies what Styer Stars is all about and lives our Styer’s Core Values, especially Strives for Personal Excellence.