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Joseph Wren, CEO

Mel Simon, President

Russ Simon, Vice President, Operations Manager

Mark Johnson, Driver Manager/Logistics

Zen Malecha, Driver Manager

Sandy Simon, Customer Service

Penny Simon, Accounts Receivable/Invoicing

Owen Ivey, Safety / Equipment Coordinator

Mark Leiter, Logistics Manager

Keith Petersen, Sourcing/Recruiting Manager


Styer specializes in shipping truckloads and large partials for a variety of dry van freight — and we’re committed to providing all our customers with the same high quality shipping solutions and unsurpassed customer service, whether they’re a small, monthly shipper or a Fortune 500 company.

Recent Posts

Mel’s MTA Corner

Read the most recent article as seen in the Minnesota Trucking Associations monthly magazine.  Since 1932, the Minnesota Trucking Association has been a powerful voice for the trucking industry.  Today they continue to influence policy, support education, and advance...

A New Styer Star

Gayle Boudreau has been with Styer for over 18 years.  From day one, Gayle has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer in his role as a driver for Styer.  Gayle handles all kinds of weather, road conditions, traffic and dock employees as he does routes...

Communication Policy

Styer Policy says that drivers should not communicate on cell phones while driving.  This includes hands free, bluetooth devices.  Your concentration is not on driving if you are carrying on a conversation.  Please, for your safety and the safety of others, only talk...


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