Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2019-5-24
Brooms are provided by Styer to help keep our trailers clean for our customers. Please be sure to sweep out your trailers when they are dirty to insure the trailer is clean for the next load.

Safety Insert of the week 2019-5-22
This weeks Safety Insert is about the upcoming Roadcheck 2019

Operational Info of the Week 2019-5-20
Pre-Pass does not cover every toll in the US. I-470 in Colorado is one of these. You must stop and pay the toll while traveling on this freeway.

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2019-5-17
Be sure to check brakes, tires and lights on all trailers you pull. Report issues to Russ so they can be fixed before leaving for the next driver.

Safety Insert of the week 2019-5-15
Safety Insert – Following Too Closely

Operational Info of the Week 2019-5-13
When parking your truck/trailer, watch for surfaces that are not asphalt or concrete to prevent getting stuck. This can be especially true with Purina deliveries in small towns and during inclement weather.



Operational Info of the Week 2019-3-5
Personal conveyance should not be used to reposition a vehicle to get to a loading facility. The time spent driving from your parking location to the shipping location should be logged as: ON DUTY DRIVING

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2019-3-01
If you have issues with brakes feeling “sticky” or grabbing when they shouldn’t, it could be due to ice in the air system. Unhook your air supply and pump your brakes a few times. If this doesn’t help, report it to Russ to decide what to do next.

Operational Info of the Week 2019-2-25
Since Linda has retired, the Voicemail system has some changes. Please use your DM’s direct extension when calling. Mark J – x201 Mark L x212 Zen x208 Russ x203

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-2-23
If you write up your truck at Penske for needed repairs and they don’t get fixed, please notify Russ. Russ can follow up with Penske to find out why and when they will be repaired.

Operational Info of the Week 2019-2-19
Our strap inventory is getting depleted. Each driver should have 6 straps. If you have more than this, please turn them in.

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-2-15
When picking up “Protect from Freezing” loads, double check your paperwork for freeze temp and set the heater for (4) degrees above that temperature. **If you are the driver loading these loads, be sure to do the same before dropping it**


Safety Insert of the week 2018-10-25


Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-10-18

Before entering a DOT Scale House-Slow Down, Phone Down, Seat Belt On.  Inspectors have given us this guidance to share with our drivers.






Safety Insert of the week 2018-10-17

2018-10-17 Driving Safely in Winter Weather

Operational tip of the week 2018-10-15

Be sure your freight is secured in your trailer.  Use straps on all loads.

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-10-12

Be sure airlines are on the correct glad had and making good connection.  Red on Red, Blue on Blue.

Safety Insert of the week 2018-10-03


Operational tip of the week 2018-10-01

Be sure to enter any defects on equipment that were found during the day on your Post Trip Vehicle Inspection Report on Omnitracs.

Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-9-29

Be sure to keep tractor airlines in holders when not hooked to trailers.  Damage can happen if these are not secured properly.

Safety Insert of the week 2018-9-19

2018-09-19 Distracted Driving

Operational tip of the week 2018-9-17

Please refer to your fuel directory book for phone numbers and extensions to contacts at Styer.  It is helpful if you dial their extension instead of hitting “0”.  Thank you!


Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-9-14

Sept 16 – 22 2018 is CVSA Brake Safety Week

Please be sure to do a thorough pre trip inspection on your truck and trailer to make sure everything is in order.

Please open the attachment and read more about this upcoming event.


Safety Insert of the week 2018-9-12

2018-09-12 Following Too Closely



Safety Insert of the week 2018-9-5



Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-8-31

Be sure to secure your belongings in your truck so they can’t move.  We have recently that items stored on top bunk have fallen down while driving.  We do not want you to get hurt or have your possessions damaged.  Secure them.



Safety Insert of the week 2018-8-29

Start up / back up – To prevent start-up/back-up accidents by anticipating the hazards involved and knowing how to safely control them.

2018-08-29 START UP BACK UP


Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-8-27

The Life Fitness Coon Rapids drop box has now been moved to Life Fitness Rogers.

It is located at the shipping office door.


Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-8-24

If you are having any issues with your APU shutting down or not cooling correctly, please notify Russ.

Russ is working with Penske to get these resolved correctly and quickly.



Safety Insert of the week 2018-8-23

School Bus – Sharing the Road




Operational Info of the Week 2018-8-17

Styer will grease dollies on trailers at least twice per year.

If you have any issues with them being stiff, or getting stuck, please report to Russ asap.



Safety Insert of the week 2018-8-17



Equipment / Maintenance tip of the week 2018-8-10

Check your headlamps!








Check your headlamps. Be sure your low beam and high beam work.

This is a common violation we find on DOT inspections


Safety Insert of the week 2018-8-8

2018-08-08 Parking

Safety Insert of the week 2018-7-30


Local road closures this weekend

Safety Tip of the Week 2018-7-26

Drive to Be Seen! 2018-07-25 DRIVE TO BE SEEN


Operational Info of the Week 2018-7-25





Road construction continues all over the country.

Slow down and be extra attentive when driving through these areas.

Operational Tip 2018-07-17

The state of OH has been issuing tickets for hazmat loads being run on non hazmat roads.

Be sure to watch signs closely and if you have a placarded load, stay on HazMat designated routes. 

Operation Safe Driver Week July 15-21, 2018

Enforcement Personnel on the Lookout for Unsafe Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Drivers During Operation Safe Driver Week

Safety tip of the week 2018-07-12

Safety First – Speeding 2018-07-11 Speeding

1 mph over 55 mph cost 0.1 miles per gallon

1 mph over 55 mph cost 0.1 miles per gallon






Safety tip of the week 2018-07-05

Workzone awarness – WORKZONE AWARENESS 

Safety tip of the week 2018-06-27

Tire Bulge

Tire Bulge





Be aware of tire bulges while checking your tires.  If you see something like this, you probably have a cord failure in the tire and it should be replaced.

Safety tip of the week 2018-06-20

“All safe trips begin with trip-planning!”





Safety tip of the week 2018-06-13

Keep windshield and mirrors clean.  Bugs can build up and block, or distort your vision.

Got Bugs

Keep your windshield and mirrors clean.






Rich Berentson 2 million mile award

Rich Berentson 2 million mile award

Styer Congratulated driver Rich Berentson for achieving 2 million safe miles, way to go Rich!
Rich has some advice for drivers on keeping it safe:

– Slow down
– Think ahead
– Don’t get over confident

Safety Tip of the Week 2018-06-07

slow down sign




Slow down!  Take your time to make sure everything is in order with yourself and your equipment before proceeding to drive.

Mistakes happen when you hurry.

Safety Tip of the Week 2018-05-30

Wear your safety vest when you are out of your truck and do everything you can to be seen.  We do not want you getting hurt while you are outside your truck.

Safety Tip 05-25-2018

G.O.A.L.  Get out and look before backing.  Don’t take short cuts, G.O.A.L. saves time and money.  “Don’t be THAT guy”.

Safety Tip 05-17-2018

Please see attached picture.  This tire was taken off today at our shop.  There is no way a tire should get this bald without a driver finding it during a Pre-Trip inspection.  If the DOT caught this, the driver would be placed out of service and the driver and Styer would have received CSA points.

Please, don’t take your Pre-Trip Inspections lightly.  They need to be done to stay safe on the road and to reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns.

This should never happen to one of our pieces of equipment.Bald Tire






Safety Tip of the Week 05-03-2018

During your Pre-Trip, check your cooling system.  Check coolant level and hoses for any leaks that may need attention.  Report any needed repairs to Russ immediately.

Safety Tip of the Week 04-25-2018

Roads are heating up with the warmer temperatures.  Be sure to check tire pressures to help prevent running tires low which creates extra heat and causes blowouts.  This should be done daily with each trailer you pull.

Safety Tip of the Week 04-19-18

In an effort to keep our trailers clean for shippers and receivers, we are now providing drivers with brooms.  Please work with your DM to get one of these into your possession asap.  We are working off a checklist, so if you already have your own broom, just let your DM know and we will check you off the list.  We appreciate your efforts to help keep our equipment clean for our customers.

Thank you in advance,broom





Mike Schmidt – 3 Million Mile Driver



Styer Stars Donation

Styer Stars Donation

These bikes are being donated to a charitable cause of Essie’s brother.  He provides bikes to kids that need them.  As a Styer Star winner, Essie chose this cause for his donation.  Way to go Essie!

Styer supports the following charities:

Courage Kenny

Special Olympics

Saint Christopher’s Fund (Trucker support group)

MS 150 Bike Event

Stop Distracted Driving Education



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It started with NTDAW and a way to show appreciation to our team. All year long drivers and staff earn points for doing everyday tasks. Things like sweeping out a dirty trailer, clean DOT inspections, or maybe some positive feedback from a driver, or customer. Even attending a monthly safety committee meeting, or a birthday or anniversary will add points.
Don’t miss out! Now is your chance to use those points and claim your rewards!


Just like that Summer is over. What does that mean? I’m pretty sure a lot of you are thinking Road Construction is ending soon !! But there are a lot of hazards also going into the fall that we need to beware of while out behind the wheel. Fall Leaves: We all enjoy...


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