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With all the changes the world has seen in the last year (due to Covid 19 of course), many have found themselves with more screen time. PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones we all have some device we seem to check each day. Technology has made things a little easier around here too!

At Styer we have Zoom calls, video chats on Microsoft Teams, instant messaging, voice to text, and on and on! We all have learned a little more about connecting in different ways. Styer now offers recruit calls over zoom, we’ve done a few annual reviews over zoom, we meet weekly as a staff here on Microsoft teams video conference.

Prior to the past year, I’ve never been on a video conference call, and now they are routine.

All this tech and ease of use, made a podcast seem like a likely next step. We can simply record the zoom call and upload to Youtube!

We’ve done a couple of these Brake Check shows already, last episode included Curt Saffle with some great ideas for our drivers to eat well, while on the road. We are looking forward to more conversations with our team, and hope to include many of you drivers in this watercooler chat.

We plan to produce a couple shows each month with a welcoming ear for any show ideas or topics you want us to discuss, let us know if you want to participate! All are welcome!


Styer specializes in shipping truckloads and large partials for a variety of dry van freight — and we’re committed to providing all our customers with the same high quality shipping solutions and unsurpassed customer service, whether they’re a small, monthly shipper or a Fortune 500 company.

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Mike Schmidt Earns 3 Million Miles!

Things were a little different in the early nineties compared to today in
the trucking industry. Back then Styer was running trailers to Chicago just
like we do today. Mike was in a group of about 5 or 6 Styer drivers that
ran this corridor, having a little fun along the way. “It was repetitive, you
know what you are doing, which brings ease to the job.” “Nothing better
than what you did yesterday, you know the route, you know the facilities,
and with repetition things become routine.”

Driver Referral Program!

Hey Styer drivers, don’t miss out on your chance to earn a few extra bucks! Any driver referral to Styer will net you a quick $1,000.00!

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When it comes to dispatching our drivers, Styer’s most experienced DM always brings a calm demeanor and thoughtful solutions to a range of daily dispatching issues. There is a ton that goes into load planning and dispatching that most folks probably don’t realize. We have to think about the customers, the drivers, the weather, the timing, etc. So when things get rocky, it is great to lean on the experience Mark brings to the table.


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